I’m a professionally trained educator, with an undergraduate degree in early childhood education and a master’s of education in human development and psychology. My experiences as an educator include:

  • Higher education teaching experience on the faculty of three different institutions and as a teaching fellow (a.k.a. teaching assistant) at Harvard College. At Harvard and Macalester, I developed my own curricula. At Rasmussen College, I taught a mix of my own curricula and pre-developed curricula. At this level, my teaching experience includes sociology, media/cultural studies, psychology, education, and statistics.
  • Experience teaching children aged preschool to middle school at the Science Museum of Minnesota, with most of my experience being at the younger end of that range. I developed and taught a number of science classes and camps, working largely during summers while attending college and graduate school during the academic year.
  • A teaching practicum in first grade at a private school near Sydney, Australia; and pre-practica in preschool and elementary grades at three different schools in the Boston area.

While I’m not currently working as an educator, my experience in this field informs my writing and my work, as editor and peer, with developing writers.