Twin Cities Daily Planet Interviews

Twin Cities Daily Planet Interviews

Richard Marx begs Minnesota’s forgiveness (11/30/2008)
This phone interview took place immediately after a staff meeting where we were trying to iron some complicated issues out. Every once in a while someone would say, “We need to get this figured out now! Richard Marx is calling at 11:00!”

Maple Grove’s “RobRob” Hakel tests the limits of reality TV endurance (12/22/2008)
This is an example of how journalism leads you into unexpectedly fascinating stories. “RobRob” Hakel described to me how he’d been obsessed for his entire life with testing himself (we spoke in December, and he’d just turned his heat on), and how he realized he would be great on the reality TV show Solitary. He built his own solitary confinement pod in his living room and subjected himself to all the tests the contestants had been subjected to in the first two seasons of the show. That became his audition video, and in the third season he did, in fact, almost win—he was the second to last contestant eliminated.

Performance artist Rebecca Nagle: Making your fantasies come true, and footnoting them with Foucault (1/18/2010)
I had a great conversation with the Baltimore artist about her fascinating show A Dozen Things I Want to Do On Stage, which she presented at Bedlam Theatre.

Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara: Singing it to the sky (3/16/2010)
“Probably to a fault in my own personal relationships I’ve struggled with this overpowering compassion. Just last night I was talking with a friend about an ex-partner who I was with for five years, and then when we broke up I spent two years trying to make it work as a friendship. People told me to let it go, that it was too painful, it wasn’t normal—but to me it felt so profoundly sad that I would completely detach from this person who I had this intense, wonderful relationship with, who knew me so well and who I shared such compassion with even if there were things about our relationship that became wrong or difficult.”

The Bangles’ Vicki Peterson on fame, fortune, pleasing Prince, and getting in people’s faces (4/22/2010)
I was at my parents’ house when I conducted this phone interview; I’m pretty sure Peterson invited me to go backstage at their show, but I couldn’t hear her because in the background my dad was yelling at me to tell her that “Manic Monday” was his favorite song.

Rachel Trachtenburg of Supercute!: “You should break the rules about art” (5/4/2010)
This was such a fun interview. She just chatted with me on her phone while she hung around at home with her mom and dad, sometimes shouting to them to check facts.

Kate Nash on sudden fame, lasting happiness, and her return to First Ave (5/4/2010)
Nash was taken aback when I mentioned a post on her blog where she’d complained about people talking loudly while she was trying to play a quiet song; when I went back to link to it after our interview, I found that the post had been deleted. But then when Nash played the show this interview was previewing, she waited for an awkwardly long time trying to get people to be quiet before she played a quiet song—so clearly, she doesn’t like the chit-chat.

Holy Maury Mother of God creator: “I’m a huge fan of all manner of exploitation, humbuggery, and ballyhoo” (9/11/2010)
“If someone wants to appear on my television and go on about how they slept with so many men they have no idea who fathered their child, or that they had oral sex for a cheeseburger, or that pickles make them cry hysterically, or that they smell their man’s genitals while he sleeps to check if he’s cheating, and be as indignant as they wanna be in their own words, then any finger-pointing knee-slapping reaction they get is not only well-deserved, but also entirely appropriate!”