Twin Cities Daily Planet Book Reviews

Twin Cities Daily Planet Book Reviews

Two volumes of photography capture mid-century Minnesota (4/5/2008)

A joint review of two important books of historic photography, by John Szarkowski and Irwin Norling.

Highway 61 visited and revisited (5/31/2008)
“From the first words of Positively Main Street, the reader is hotboxed in the smoky, beery brain of Toby Thompson circa the late 1960s, when—for a not-insignificant fraction of America’s youth—Bob Dylan was the master of the universes, the slayer of squareness, the unlocker of mental doors that you never even knew existed, man! How could someone that groovy have possibly sprung from the loins of a mortal woman?”

Marisha Chamberlain’s Rose Variations: Sexual liberation has never been so boring (2/10/2009)
This may be the single most negative review I’ve ever written, of anything. I don’t normally try to Google-bomb people, but I’m pleased to see that this review remains in the first page of search results for this book. Buyer beware!

Paul Bunyan: Drunken lumberjacks’ gift to America’s children (3/4/2009)
That’s a little creepy, right?

It’s funny ’cause it’s true: News, Nudity & Nonsense collects the (second) best of Vice Magazine (3/7/2010)
“I was, so to speak, a Vice virgin when I opened News, Nudity & Nonsense and was greeted with the first article: ‘The Vice Guide to Shit.’ That article was an apt choice for an opener, as it turned out to be perfectly representative of a volume that teaches you a hell of a lot about subjects you may not have realized you were curious about.”

In Street Boners, Gavin McInnes hails the hottest hipsters (5/27/2010)
A book of snarky street-fashion comments might not seem like the most substantive volume to review, but reading through Street Boners causes one (at least, this one) to think about issues of style, geography, age, and culture. Plus, this review was an excuse for me to investigate precisely what the word “hipster” means and where it came from.