The Summer of 40

The Summer of 40

I’ve just published The Summer of 40, an essay about turning 40, in the form of a short e-book that’s available via Amazon. Here’s the description.

What does it mean to turn 40 in 2015? A writer at the tail end of Generation X shares his thoughts in a personal essay written over the course of the summer that he began as a thirtysomething and ended as a fortysomething.

It’s a story about the kind of self-understanding that everyone seeks when they hit that unavoidably significant milestone, but it’s also a story about this unique historical moment: about global warming and pop culture and technological change and whether or not 40 is the new 30.

From a Duluth creekside one morning in 1985 to a Minneapolis pizza joint one very late night in 2015, this is an essay about what happened to one writer as his life flashed before his eyes—the life he’s lived, and the life he still has in front of him.

I talked about the book with Becky Lang, for her podcast Writingness.