Star Wars Playbill

Star Wars Playbill

I was honored to be asked, by the New York Philharmonic, to write the Playbill essay for their performances of the scores to four of John Williams’s iconic Star Wars film scores synced live to picture. These performances marked the first time this had been done for Star WarsThe Empire Strikes BackReturn of the Jedi, and The Force Awakens. In addition to speaking with two orchestra musicians and conductor David Newman — the son of Alfred Newman, who wrote the 20th Century Fox fanfare — I was able to talk with Williams himself, who was incredibly gracious and warm.

Here are links to the Playbill essay, and to features on Star Wars that I’ve written for YourClassical. In fall 2018, I wrote a second Playbill feature for the New York Philharmonic, about their performances of the scores to 2001 and There Will Be Blood; that feature is not available online.

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photo: Chris Lee, via the New York Philharmonic on Facebook)