Recent writing

Recent writing

A sample of my recent writing for The Current, Racket, Lit Hub, and The Tangential; as well as recently published books.

(Image: Rajané Katurah and JuCoby Johnson in What to Send Up When It Goes Down, by Leal-Studios LLC.)

Profiles and features

Everybody wants to sing with Janey Winterbauer (December 2021)

Why bassist Liz Draper is a dazzling collaborator – and now, solo artist (October 2021)

Three blocks from George Floyd Square, Pillsbury House Theatre is a spirit-affirming space for Black healing (August 2021)


Ten movies to watch this awards season (December 2021)

Best music books of 2021 (December 2021)

News stories

Open Access invites more actors to join the union, but there’s a catch (November 2021)

64th Grammys: All the Minnesota angles, including Low’s first-ever nomination (November 2021)

Lydia Liza voices frustration at Netflix “Baby It’s Cold Outside” that sounds a lot like her 2016 rewrite (November 2021)

As-told-to interviews

Kokou Kah: Casually lit, seriously committed to music and community (December 2021)

“You’re singing my life”: Durry on their meteoric rise (December 2021)

Critical essay

What to make of Isaac Asimov, sci-fi giant and dirty old man? (May 2020)

Book reviews

Christmas With Elvis: The Official Guide to the Holidays From the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll (December 2021)

Kalefa Sanneh’s Major Labels muses on genre and history (December 2021)

Kevin Goetz shares the secrets of Audience-ology (November 2021)

Theater reviews

Reimagined Oklahoma! hints that America is not O.K. (November 2021)

Frozen also beat the Vikings last night (October 2021)

Movie reviews

Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story reimagines a classic (December 2021)

2021 British Arrows, at the Walker Art Center, are a rollercoaster of emotion (December 2021)


Sociology for Dummies (Second Edition, Wiley, author, 2021)

Wildsam Field Guides: Twin Cities (Wildsam, contributing writer, 2020)